RNI ALL FILMS 4.0 brings custom camera profiles

RNI ALL FILMS 4.0 brings custom camera profiles


Since my RNI v3.0 review from last year (find the full review here), Really Nice Images have been working on a complete overhaul of their film presets.


RNI All Films 4.0 is  the latest version of RNI’s flagship film-simulating package for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. This new release is aimed at giving serious photographers a powerful and versatile tool for bringing the artistic flair and sophistication of film into their digital workflow.

What’s New in RNI All Films 4.0


You’ll find the RNI all films in the Lightroom Develop section on your left under presets.

RNI are now offering customized camera profiles for a wide range of supported cameras to expand the available tonal range of your photos and provide more convincing film simulation than ever.  Besides a makor overhaul of existing presets, many new emulsions, including Fuji Natura 1600 and Kodak Tri-X 400 are now included in the PRO bundle. Also, film grain settings have been refined across the package and you’ll find a new RNI Toolkit 4 added to the package for quick control over analog softness, film grain, fading and other parameters of film simulation.

RNI versus VSCO


Now that version 4 of RNI All films also offers customized camera profiles, I believe that RNI is now a real competetor for VSCO. The full RNI bundle includes all their  film emulations for a mere $121 whilst getting all these emulations from VSCO would cost you around four times as much. Having said that, both companies do offer different flavors and much comes down to personnal preference and your workflow.



The RNI custom camera profiles can be found on the bottom right hand section in the Lightroom Develop tab.

Generally, the processing in RNI All Films 4 feels more delicate and sophisticated than earlier versions and the addition of customized camera profiles allows you to get even more realistic film emulations. I hear RNI is also working on porting the look of their presets to a library of real-film LUTs tailored to the needs of professionals and I’m sure many videographers are looking forward to that. Mac users now have added a handy .pkg installer where you just launch it and it will install all the required product components for you automatically.

Purchase and availability


RNI All Films is now available for $121 and yes this incudes every single film emulation they have. Head on over to the RNI website to learn more.




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