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Topaz Gigapixel AI review 0

Topaz Gigapixel AI review

Topaz Gigapixel AI review Introduction Topaz ‘Gigapixel AI’ is an application made for photo enlargement. You can use it to enlarge full-sized images to print them larger or to upscale your low resolution images....

Pixlr review 3

Pixlr review

Pixlr review Introduction Pixlr image editor is a Photoshop-like application for image editing.  The most striking difference is that this is an Saas software. Saas stands for software-as-a-service and is a relatively new term,...

Life+Guard camera skin review 0

Life+Guard camera skin review

Life+Guard camera skin review Life+Guard camera skin introduction Life+Guard is a Taiwanese company that makes ‘skins’ or armor wraps that stick onto your camera and lenses. Their AlphaGVRD range started out for Sony Alpha...

Rawsie review 0

Rawsie review

Rawsie review Introduction Rawsie, formerly called Dotphoton RAW, is a deep-tech startup focussing on RAW image compression. Rawsie is a macOS app for professional photographers that allows them to compress raw images by up...