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Welcome to Wim Arys Photography. Wim is a portrait and landscape photographer from Brussels, Belgium. Head on over to one of his many tutorials and reviews to learn more about your camera and the field of photography in general. You can also book him for private sessions and shoots. 




Learn the ins and outs of organising your own photography tours around the world without breaking the bank.


Cameras, lenses, accessories and software reviews. 


Discover all the easy to navigate advanced camera manuals. You’ll be an expert in no time.


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EXPERIENCED Photographer

With years of experience working with mirrorless cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony and more.


Tutorials and reviews receive over 500.000 readers per year.

Photo Editing

Working with Lightroom and Photoshop is a necessary skill for any self respecting artist.


Experienced photo guide around the world, organising tours from Myanmar to Ethiopia.

Quick TIPS

Sometimes all you need is a couple of quick tips to become a better photographer.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography means capturing the true essence of your subject.

Wedding Photography

Capturing a special day takes skill and patience. But It's all worth it when you see happy faces.

Beginner Tutoring

You don't need to be an expert to be able to make great photos. Ask about my beginner tutoring program.

FLASH Expert

Working with flash can become quite technical. But once past that point your creativity will flow.

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about Wim

You’re probably here to read a mirrorless camera guide or a review, so let me give you some background on how this all got started.

I have been using mirrorless cameras exclusively since the early days. I have seen these systems mature over the last few years, and they are now useable enough to compete with the best DSLRs. Since I use mirrorless cameras daily, I am well acquainted with most commercially available systems and have been steadily reviewing them over the past decades.

My posts also extend to photography lenses, software, and accessories for these systems. And you also might find my tips and tricks section interesting, where you’ll find many advanced guides for different camera models. 



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