Quick About Me

I’ve always been an avid photographer and I began this review site at the time when the industry started shifting to mirrorless cameras. These innovations bring better cameras and lenses every year at prices and performance we could not have imagined a decade ago, exciting times!

    This website

You can see this website as a personal diary of my move towards mirrorless photography. I’m sharing my gained knowledge and experience with you.
If you have any questions, you can always write a comment or email me directly. I’m not the smug type, there are no stupid questions, and I’ll do my best to reply asap.

    Navigation system

I try to keep this site as simple as possible, using fundamental categories so you can quickly navigate through it. If you’re looking for a particular product, the easiest way to access, it is through the menu system or do a search. In my stories section, I go beyond the regular review and show real-life examples of what specific cameras, lenses and software actually can achieve.

I usually update daily, and my latest posts can be found through in the Blog/latest posts section.


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