Leather Explorer or Gariz half case for Sony A7

Leather Explorer or Gariz camera half case


The rangefinder camera revival seems to have spurred the emergence of a new 3rd party accessory: the camera half case. Besides brand products from camera manufacturers, many smaller companies have jumped on what is undoubtedly a lucrative business. South-Korean Gariz is one of the best known 3rd party manufacturers, producing high-quality cases for a large selection of new cameras. Leather Explorer is a relatively new Chinese manufacturer making similar, high-quality design half cases and accessories like straps and lens caps.

Leather Explorer or Gariz half case

Gariz half case

Their products are made by professional craftsmen, and only high-quality leather is used. There is a range of colours available, from brown to black, red, green and white. These different tones allow you to customise your precious camera and keep it safe from scratches and, to a certain degree, impact damage.

I’ve tried and reviewed the Gariz half case for the Olympus E-P5. I accidentally dropped my EP5 last summer before I purchased this case, and had some damage to the battery door. So buying one is a great investment to keep your precious camera safe if you ask me.

Leather Explorer or Gariz half case


Leather Explorer half case

I like the Gariz a lot, so I was eager to see how the Leather Explorer equivalent that costs about 40% less, would measure up. I went for the leather bottom black Sony A7 version, as it looks nice and is a bit less expensive. Although there is a screw filter in the bottom, it’s hard to get a tripod plate to screw in firmly. This attachment is a lot easier with a metal base and does not involve the use of a screwdriver. It does work well if you just want to use something like a Gorilla tripod that does not use a plate.

Leather Explorer or Gariz half case

There is a cut-out in the bottom to facilitate on-the-fly battery changes, something all Sony A7 users have gotten used too. The memory card compartment is also easily accessible without removing the case, and the screen retains all tilting functionality. Excellent design.

Leather Explorer or Gariz half case

A bit of a flaw that the Leather Explorer fortified front does not follow the contours of the Sony A7 grip perfectly, although I had no issues with less grip in use.

Leather Explorer or Gariz half case


The Leather Explorer half case is a quality product and looks beautiful on the camera. I’d recommend buying a metal bottom version if you regularly use a tripod with plate. Quality wise, Gariz and Leather Explorer are just as good, so it all depends on what design you favour, the price you’re willing to pay and which one is easily available in your region.


Leather Explorer or Gariz half case



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