Masai village with the Sony A7 and Olympus EP5

Masai village in Kenya with the Sony A7 and Olympus EP5

masai village kenya with the Sony A7 and Olympus EP5


Even though the world around them is changing fast, a typical Masai village has not changed much in the last 100 years. This indigenous tribe still embraces its traditions and culture, trying to live in balance with nature and their surroundings. The men still have the distinctive circular burn scars on their faces, made by their mother at a very early age. The women are adorned with beautiful jewellery and the distinctive colourful fabrics.I had a lot of fun playing with the children; they seemed very eager to show me their typical Masai jumping skills.

Equipment used

I took along my Sony A7 with the Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 and Olympus PEN E-P5 with the M. Zuiko Digital 75mm f/1.8. I think it is a beautiful example of how a micro four thirds sensor can still get you excellent portraits. The A7 with 35mm, on the other hand, seems to give me a lot more ‘space’ to work with, resulting in a different shooting style. Check out the pictures of the Masai village and see if you can guess what camera was used. And no metadata peeking 🙂



wim arys

Wim Arys is a photographer from Belgium Europe with a passion for mirrorless cameras.

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