The Azores with the Sony A6000

The Azores with the Sony A6000

Sony A6000 Azores

I am currently smack in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean testing the Sony A6000 and the Zeiss 24-70 f4. The Azores have a temperate climate all year round, so the little island of Sao Miguel is very green and bursting with life.

Sony A6000 Azores

This morning I went on a whale watching trip and actually spotted a fin whale and some dolphins! I will be updating tonight with more pictures after downloading the new Adobe Lightroom 5.4 that finally supports the Sony A6000.

Sony A6000 landscape Sony A6000 landscape Sony A6000 SEL2470z landscape Sony A6000 landscape Sony A6000 landscape sony playmemories timelapse

wim arys

Wim Arys is a photographer from Belgium Europe with a passion for mirrorless cameras.

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6 Responses

  1. Cary Stegall says:

    Outside of the technical aspects, these are some beautiful shots. I know how hard it is to get whales to stay in place long enough for good shots. You may be convincing me that I need the A6000. Thanks.

    • wim arys says:

      Thanks Cary, good to know my post are helpful! The A6000’s AF is indeed very speedy, ideal for these circumstances.

  2. kathy kellogg says:

    Just bought the A600L..needed something smaller and lighter, I am only on day two of my 15 day trial and I have a question that I can’t seem to get answered. In order to utilize the full functionality of this camera do I really have to load this PlayMemories software? Probably a dumb question, but using the WIFI options says “Install Latest version of Play Memories”. Transferring pics to computer “install lastest version of Play Memories. No where can I find out why and how much the two or linked. It just looks like a picture organizing tool to me and I have Adobe Photoshop. But it does look like sending images to a smart phone might require this thing. Maybe it is no big deal. Thanks for your reviews. Loved seeing the photos you took with it. I just took some sample photos of my husband digging a hole along with my big heavy Nikon just to compare…..

    • wim arys says:

      Hi Kathy,
      there are no stupid questions. If you want to transfer images from your camera to your phone, you’ll need to install the Playmemories Mobile app on your smartphone (available for ios and android). That is a free download.
      If you need to transfer images from your camera to your computer, you don’t need Playmemories Home (different than the phone app) desktop software. You can just import to Photoshop like with any other camera. You will need one of the latest versions of Photoshop that supports the Sony A6000 files.
      If you need more info, just let me know.

      • Kathy Kellogg says:

        Thanks so much Wim that helps since I will want to do the to-the-phone-thing at some point. I figured out the second part this morning by just plugging it into the computer (Duh! how hard was that?). It wouldn’t delete the photos after I loaded them – said the camera was disconnected (it wasn’t) or busy but that’s no big deal. Printed some of the pics and was more than pleased with the way they came out.

        • wim arys says:

          Great Kathy, wanted to let you know there is a Sony Sync to Smartphone app for iPhone and android that automatically transfers the photos on your camera to a preregistered smartphone or tablet after you’ve turned your camera OFF. Might be handy for you.

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