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Samsung NX1 firmware 1.2 2

Samsung NX1 firmware version 1.4 released

Samsung NX1 firmware version 1.4 released Introduction The previous version 1.3 of the Samsung NX1 firmware, dating back only three months already brought a lot of novelties and improvements. It is now already replaced by...

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Samsung NX1 Firmware ver.1.30 brings many enhancements

Samsung NX1 Firmware ver.1.30 brings many autofocus enhancements Introduction Samsung seems to be very much committed to their flagship NX1 mirrorless camera, releasing firmware updates every few months. We’ve seen many new video enhancements...

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Samsung NX1 firmware 1.2

Samsung NX1 Firmware 1.2 Introduction The Samsung NX1 will get another firmware update 1.2 with the next few weeks. Although an excellent stills camera, their mirror-less BSI APS-C camera seems to have found it’s...