Samsung NX1 Firmware ver.1.30 brings many enhancements

Samsung NX1 Firmware ver.1.30 brings many autofocus enhancements


Samsung seems to be very much committed to their flagship NX1 mirrorless camera, releasing firmware updates every few months. We’ve seen many new video enhancements in the last two upgrades, but the latest Samsung NX1 firmware version 1.30 finally brings some much-needed photo autofocus enhancements too. I can tell you that this camera feels much more responsive now, and most gripes I had with the original firmware have now been resolved.

Let’s go over the enhancements in detail.

New Photo Enhancements:

Enhanced AF performance in low light condition

Low-light AF has significantly improved. Much less hunting and an increase in focus speed. If you still have issues focussing in low light, remember that raising ISO will help here too.

Improved AF performance in backlit and when using Spotlight

The NX1 is an excellent studio portrait camera, it now focusses faster and more accurate in studio environments.

Enhanced AF performance in the corners when using 16-50mm PZ Lens

The kit 16-50mm PZ lens has soft corners, making it harder to achieve focus in wide modes at the edges.  It seems the algorithm has been adjusted to compensate for these issues.

Enhanced Face Detection AF performance

Enabling Face detection always helps with achieving focus, and the NX1 does seem to find faces a split of a second faster now.

Added “Zone AF” mode

Zone AF nails focus on still subjects now, even in low light and backlit scenes, looks good.

Increased the size of AF to 5 steps in AF “Area Size.”

The ability to change AF size can help in certain circumstances, having five steps now is a luxury.

No time limitation in Bulb mode

Crucial feature for me personally, the only constraint now is SD card size.

Increased the time-lapse to 3000 shots

Includes 4 most popular Pro Suggest presets (Cinematic, Memories, Gorgeous night, & High Speed).

How to access these presets:
– rotate the mode dial to “C1” or “C2.”
– tap one “shooting mode” on the display
– press the menu key
– select User Options on the display
– tap “Manage Custom mode.”
– then tap “Open” –
– then you see the settings!

Simplified EXIF data preview

Samsung NX1 review

shot as jpeg, ISO 3200

New Video Enhancements:

This Samsung NX1 firmware update also brings some improvements on the video side:

Larger sensor read out data size with improved FHD quality up to 60P

Timecode added features:

Count Up: Rec run / automatic restart when shooting / Free run
Time Notation [Manual time setting (Hour/Min/Sec/Frame), Internal camera time]
Internal time / External recorder
Drop frame / Non-drop frame

“1920×1080 (120)” setting in the Movie Size Menu for easy access
Auto Mic Control On/Off
Histogram & Digital Level is displayed during standby and recording mode
Capture 4K individual frame forward & backward with precision (Embedded EXIF data in jpeg)
Added NEW MF Responsiveness mode (Capable of setting to Low, Medium, High focus angle in manual focus mode).
Remains in Stand By mode after recording

Connectivity Enhancements:

JPEG, RAW (JPEG preview only), & Video transfer via WiFi (RAW files are converted to JPEG thumbnail with Picture Wizard setting embedded and then transfer to smartphone for preview only.)
Introducing NEW Samsung Remote Studio software (Download via launcher, Full control of NX1 through USB)
Supports Tizen OS TV connection

Samsung NX1 review

shot as jpeg, ISO 400

Downloading and installing the new firmware

The camera can always connect to a WiFi hotspot and will download and install the update with only a couple pushes of buttons.

You can find and download the Samsung NX1 firmware update version 1.30 here or access the firmware upgrade feature via the camera menu.


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