Sony A7r light leak fix images


The Sony A7r light leak issue, where light ‘leaked” in through the lens mount to the sensor at long exposures and high ISO settings, caused some concern amongst users.

Even though most users won’t ever experience this problem, the A7r especially is often used by landscape photographers who tend to use these extreme settings.

Sony A7 and A7r light leak fix

There have been a few DYI solutions available which involved using tape or plastic hair bands to ensure no leakage is possible and even a temporary solution by Sony repair centres. Now there is a permanent Sony A7R light leak fix available.

I sent my A7r in and tech repair told me the A7r light leak fix involves two steps:

  • Added dark sheeting strips inside the camera body to ensure no leaks occur there
  • A custom made rubber band that slides on the camera lens mount to fully seal that area too.
sony a7r light leak fix

A7R without a rubber band applied

sony a7r light leak fix

A7R with the rubber band applied


I just thoroughly tested the camera at long exposures and high ISO and can safely say the Sony A7r light leak fix works as it should.

I’d suggest anyone with an A7 or A7r to send it in for repairs within your warranty period, as it will ensure the possible resale value of you camera.

A7R with rubber band applied

Rubber band


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