Mitakon 50mm/ F0.95 gets major update

 Mitakon 50mm F/0.95 gets major update

 Mitakon 50mm f0.95 low light performance

In order to meet demand, the Mitakon 50mm/ F0.95 has been put into mass production with a major specification upgrade. It seems all orders will be shipping out August 23rd at the latest, and a major US distributor B&H Photo was found for the ZY Optics brand. The product they are currently seems to be the old 58mm version.

The newly updated Mitakon 50mm F/0.95 will be called “The Dark Knight”  and will have an Improved lens coating, the Filter thread changed to 67mm from 58mm and a new bayonet lens hood to prevent light flare and improve backlight performance.

I’ve been using the Mitakon 50mm F/0.95 with the Sony A7s and like it even more than on the Sony A7r.  Check out the brand website for more news in a few days. For now, you can read my other Mitakon posts here.

wim arys

Wim Arys is a photographer from Belgium Europe with a passion for mirrorless cameras.

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6 Responses

  1. Vladimir says:

    Hi Wim, thank you for the review and information about the lens. ( Just FYI, the link to the Mitakon site don’t work)

  2. jaap says:

    Hi Wim,

    i have a question about the Mitakon 50mm 0.95. I am from Holland and received my copy. The thing i have noticed is that there is a little slack in the focusing (maybe 1 or 2mm). It is just a little bit but sometimes i notice it when focussing fast. MXcamera says that this could be normal. I was wondering if you can tell me about you’re version before i send it back.

    Thanks Jaap.

    • wim arys says:

      Hi Jaap,

      I don’t remember having this problem no, can’t test it either as I don’t have one anymore. If it bothers you, send it back. It should work as advertised, and I don’t see your use as anything a normal lens shouldn’t be able handle. Are you enjoying the Mitakon, quality wise? Best, Wim

  3. Maciej says:

    Hi Wim,

    It seems the flare on the Mitakon is really bad compared to most other 50mm lenses, especially the Voigtlander 50mm 1.1. Your moon shot above shows this well. Have you had the chance to use the new “Dark Knight” version to see if there has been any improvement? I am leaning towards the voigtlander at the moment due to the really poor flare resistance of the Mitakon – this can ruin many night time shots with point light sources and can defeat the purpose of the lens speed.

    • wim arys says:

      Hi Maciej, the latest version does not fare any better I’m afraid. Have not tried the Voigtlander, so I can’t really compare. If you want a 50mm MF lens with a proven design, why not look at the Zeiss Loxia? The Mitakon is only useably sharp at f/2, so it’s doesn’t make that much difference.

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