The Rise of Women in the World of Fashion Photography

The Rise of Women in the World of Fashion Photography

When it comes to fashion photography, it has long been considered a male-dominated field. But that’s quickly changing. In recent years, there’s been an unprecedented rise in the number of female fashion photographers, with many leading the way in terms of innovation and creativity. Here’s a look at the women who are breaking the mould and making their mark in fashion photography.

The Pioneers

The pioneers of female fashion photography started out in the late 1980s, with the likes of Ellen von Unwerth, Arielle Shipe and Sarah Moon rising to prominence. All three women had a unique style that set them apart from their male colleagues, and their work had an incredible impact on the industry. Von Unwerth’s influence can still be seen in the works of many other fashion photographers, while Shipe and Moon helped to break down barriers and open the way for other female photographers.

The Digital Age

As technology has advanced, so has the craft of fashion photography. Digital cameras have made it easier for photographers to capture their subjects with greater detail, and editing software has enabled photographers to enhance and manipulate their images in ways that were never before possible. This has allowed female photographers to experiment with colour and form, and to create striking and memorable images.

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

The rise of women in fashion photography also reflects the larger shift in gender dynamics in the field. In recent years, more and more female photographers have been receiving major recognition and awards. In 2019, for example, the Hasselblad Masters award for fashion photography was won by a woman for the first time in its history. Women in fashion photography are also becoming increasingly visible in mainstream media, with the likes of Annie Leibovitz and Tina Modotti having their works featured extensively.

Women Shaping the Future of Fashion Photography

The emergence of female fashion photographers also shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, the future looks increasingly promising for female photographers. Anna Lisa Padilla, for example, has been shortlisted for the 2020 Hasselblad Masters award, while Orono Noguchi has been recognised for her inimitable visual aesthetic. There are also many other women – like Sophie Elgort and Zoe Ghertner – who are pushing the boundaries of fashion photography and taking their craft to new heights.


Women have left an indelible mark on the world of fashion photography. They have broken down barriers and redefined the boundaries of the craft. Their work has inspired and influenced a new generation of photographers and has had a profound impact on the way we perceive fashion and beauty. With more women entering the industry and rising to prominence, it is clear that the future of fashion photography has never been brighter.

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