Adobe Releases Major Photoshop CC Update 2015.05

Adobe Releases Major Photoshop CC Update 2015.05


This release has something for everyone, from powerful new photo editing capabilities, to performance improvements, to fresh Adobe magic that enables new workflows, to major enhancements to popular features…and more.

To install the update, launch Photoshop and select Help > Updates. For notes on important update and installation considerations, please see the 2015.5 FAQ here.

New features is photoshop CC 2015.05

Selection and Masking Space

Selection and Masking Space is a dedicated workspace that brings many of the best Photoshop selection tools together into one efficient work space, and updates them with new and improved algorithms to make creating selections and masks easier, more exact, and more efficient. In addition to better results, we designed the new work space to minimize clicks, mouse movements and user interface clutter. You’ll find a couple of new features inside the work space:

  • Visualization controls: A Transparency slider and “Onion Skin” view mode more accurately predict results with new visualization and controls that make it easier to see the edges and other qualities of the selections you are creating in real time while you are making them.
  • Refine Edge Brush: Get more precise results with the new Refine Edge Brush that helps to more accurately separate foreground and background for complex selections.
  • A simple brush to more precisely control exactly which areas of an image are selected or masked. This tool can be used for manual control.

Content-Aware Crop

You can now better preserve the look of your image when you crop using the magic of Content-Aware Fill. Photoshop will intelligently fill in the gaps when you rotate or expand a canvas beyond the original image size using the Crop tool.

Here are some popular uses for it:

  • Move the horizon by adding more sky or ground
  • Change the aspect ratio by adding content around the edges of your image
  • Fill in the corners when you rotate an image so you don’t give up any of your pixels
  • …and probably more we haven’t even imagined ourselves

Face-Aware Liquify

Retouchers and anyone taking photos of people will really enjoy this new enhancement to the Liquify tool. First introduced last year in our mobile application Photoshop Fix, we have improved that algorithm even more and brought it to Photoshop CC. Now within the Liquify tool, you can use the new Face-Aware technology to automatically identify and adjust facial features like jaw, nose, lips and eyes to retouch them or add artistic effects. 



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