The Best Phone Camera Settings for Product Photography

The Best Phone Camera Settings for Product Photography

Product photography can make or break the success of an online store. Professional product photography is essential to help potential customers get a clear understanding of the quality of a product. With the rise of mobile phones as the go-to camera, here are some tips on how to get the best phone camera settings for product photography.

Choose the Right Background

One of the simplest and most important steps of product photography is creating the right background for your shot. You want the product to be the star of the show so your background color should be complementary and not take away from the product itself. When using a cell phone camera, we recommend using a plain white or neutral color as it will provide the highest contrast and the most accurate color representation. Avoid any backgrounds with blemishes or unwanted focal points.

Avoid Using the Flash

Although the flash on cell phone cameras may be convenient, it’s best to avoid using it for product photography. This is because the light that a phone camera flash gives can be too harsh and washed out, making it more difficult to capture the details of the product. Instead, use a light diffuser or other lighting system to softly illuminate the product being photographed.

Try a Tripod or Selfie Stick

Phone cameras are great because they’re always with us. However, when it comes to product photography, shaky hands can make for less-than-ideal photos. To prevent this, try using a tripod or selfie stick to stabilize your camera. This will ensure that your images remain crisp and clear and your products look their best.

Use Aperture Priority Mode

The aperture priority mode is a great way to control the depth of field of your images. This setting allows you to adjust the size of the aperture to control how much of the image is in focus and to better showcase the details of the product. We recommend setting the aperture to between f/2.8-f/5.6, depending on the size of the product and the desired depth of field.

Play Around with White Balance

White balance is essential for accurate color representation and can make a big difference in the quality of your photos. To capture the truest colors for your product images, experiment with the different white balance settings your phone camera has. We recommend shooting in both natural light and artificial lighting and attempting to adjust the white balance for both.

Take Multiple Shots

The great thing about using a cell phone camera for product photography is that it’s easy to take multiple shots of the same products. This will allow you to be sure that you have at least one great shot. We suggest taking two or three shots at different angles and distances. Then, choose the best one and crop it to your desired size.

Try Different Editing Apps

Another benefit of shooting product photography with a phone camera is the ability to edit your photos on the go. There are plenty of photo editing apps available, such as VSCO, Snapseed, or Adobe Lightroom. You can use these to adjust things such as brightness, contrast, saturation, or even add filters to enhance the look of your product photos.


Product photography is an important factor to consider when selling products online and a cell phone camera can be a great tool to use. By following these tips, you will be able to achieve great photos with your phone and showcase your products in the best light.

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