Fuji Nissin i40 HSS force trick

fuji nissin i40 hss

You might know that the i40 is capable of high-speed sync in other Hotshoe mounts, but that Fuji isn’t currently supporting this functionality. Here is a neat Fuji Nissin i40 HSS trick to force the Fuji X-T1 to use high-speed sync feature:

  1. Turn the i40 on manual mode
  2. Press and hold test button for three seconds
  3. Watch the lamp next to the m for manual go on and off. You just turned on high-speed sync (or the same functionality anyway)!
  4. Turn on the flash put the right dial on the appropriate speed
  5. HSS works up to 1/4000

The only catch is that you’re in manual mode, no TTL (through the lens) metering, so you have to manually dial-in the appropriate shutter speed. A bit of a trial-and-error way, but it works.

How it works: With high-speed mode manually activated on the flash, it cycles several thousand times a second. And in case you’re wondering: yes it’s possible to change flash power in this pseudo-HSS mode.

Update, All Fuji cameras tested:

Fuji X-T1: HSS up to 1/4000 OK

X-E2: HSS up to 1/4000 OK

X-pro1: HSS up to 1/4000 OK

X-M1: not working

Let me know how you get on with this Fuji Nissin i40 HSS trick!


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