Official Sony A7 and A7r light leak fix

Official Sony A7 and A7r light leak fix

Note: this post was about a temporary fix Sony did back in April. It seems that there now is a permanent light leak solution available from Sony, read about it here.

official Sony A7 and A7r light leak fix

Great news, It seems there is an official Sony A7 and A7r light leak fix! Sony repairs are shipping back A7(r)’s sent in under warranty with a rubber cover that perfectly covers the outer the outer ring of the mount. The rubber ring (similar to the DIY hairband workaround people have been using) completely covers the Alpha’s orange ring. It is great to know that Sony has found a workaround for this problem that mainly affected photographers who make long exposures at high ISO settings.

Sony A7 and A7r light leak fix

The official Sony A7 and A7r light leak fix It is also a sign that Sony is stepping up its game in regards to customer support, something pro photographers have been complaining about for years.

Sony light leak fix

Sony light leak fix add-on cover

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  1. Ross Hamamura says:

    Sony ALPHA TIP # 164: SONY a7r IMPORTANT information about the Light Leak FIX !

    #Sony , #a7r , #LightLeak #SonyTIP
    And yes, I do know of a few that have already done the FIX.
    Things are getting Better , … just saying

    Thank you Trung Vu.
    Want to share what was posted on the SONY USA Community site:

    ” If you are experiencing (still experiencing) ambient light effecting your photos, please call in our support line 1-800-222-7669. You can reference Article:46458 ” …

  2. Patrick says:

    A thick rubber band would fix it! Mine did.

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