Nikon D7100 vs. Sony A77II: RAW high ISO battle


Because I was eager to find out for myself, did an informal Nikon D7100 vs. Sony A77II RAW ISO test yesterday. These results aren’t really scientific, and as I said it’s mainly a test I did for myself, but I’m guessing that many people will be interested in the (high) ISO performance of RAW image files of the A77II compared to a similarly priced model from competitor Nikon.

ISO comparison

Yes I know, crop and lighting are a bit different, different lenses used, but you can always compare the noise of 2 different images at equal ISO settings, just look at noise in dark and coloured areas to get an idea of how they compare.

These are 100% crops, so you can clearly see the ISO noise for my Nikon D7100 vs. Sony A77II comparison.

ISO 1600

Nikon D7100 vs Sony A77II

Sony A77II ISO 1600

Nikon D7100 vs Sony A77II

D7100 ISO 1600

As you can clearly see, the Sony A77II does better than the Nikon D7100, there is less noise in blacks and colours.

ISO 3200

Nikon D7100 vs Sony A77II

Sony A77II ISO 3200

Nikon D7100 vs Sony A77II

Nikon D7100 ISO 3200

At ISO 3200, the A77M2 does better again, and would be quite usable in a pinch with some noise reduction I think. Although the A7100 seems to have a bit more detail at this level, at the cost of more noise.


It seems that in my little Nikon D7100 vs. Sony A77II ISO battle, the A77M2 comes out a clear winner. With the addition of a better and more flexible AF system than the D7100, Sony is steadily becoming a serious competitor in the mid-range camera market. You can check out all my findings on the A77II here.

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